Get back on track or wanting to be back in the game?

No matter the cause we want to help get you back to your sport and keep you there!

All shapes and sizes, novice to expert

Weekend warriors to elite athletes, teenage wonderkids to walking footballers, we see them all – regularly! Whether you did it just last weekend, or its been niggling since last ski season (and no doubt you’re booked to go again in 6 days’ time) you need to get in touch to get effective expert treatment fast.

We know how important it is to stay active and how frustrating it is when pain and injury gets in the way of this. We have experience of treating a wide range of athletes from professional international to amateur sports people. Regardless of this you will always be treated with gold standard care, whether it be a Super League Grand Final, 18 holes of golf or completing the park run we will work with you to create an individualised treatment and rehabilitation programme to get back to your sport as soon as possible.

We’ve been there and collected a few t-shirts!

As experienced sportspeople ourselves, with a passion for performing at our best at work and play, we can relate to the frustrations of being injured or unfit to play your best. We’ve had experience in playing at high levels and also having to be the patient for rehabilitation; ranging from ankle fractures, arthroscopic surgery, Achilles ruptures to ligament sprains and muscle strains. When you have a sporting injury it can be major or relatively minor in the actual trauma, but the impact needs limiting and accurate early assessment with correct diagnosis is essential.

Be seen by the right person at the right time

Team mates, family members and work colleagues all can give you their opinion about how long you’ll be out of action for, but your body is the most valuable machine you will ever have – why take the risk? See an experienced expert trained in assessing sports injuries, to provide assessment, diagnosis, and prognosis and put your mind at rest.

We strongly believe in open and honest communication, and from our own sporting injuries we know how important clear and direct management of your problem is.  

As physiotherapists we don’t just say stop playing, rest or take tablets and avoid all sports. Relative rest to prevent further damage is important alongside appropriate treatment to promote healing, and then progressing to rehabilitate not only the injury but the whole body. Maintaining a base level of fitness not only aids an early return to performance, it also helps limit potential frustration and isolation. We do this well and even if only wanting reassurance prior to returning to your sport get in touch with us for expert treatment fast.






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