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Back pain and sciatica treatments

Back pain and sciatica are some of the most commonly seen conditions in our clinic. However, we ensure that despite this we treat you as an individual, getting to the root cause of your pain, settling it down quickly, getting you active and working on strategies to prevent re-occurrence. Back pain is not something you should just put up with. Let us help you.



Disc problems, facet joint issues, a slipped pelvis, trapped nerve…..all frustrating jargon type terms that come near to the hugely overused ‘bad back’.

Expert assessment from clinicians that see back pain daily is the first step, simple effective treatment is the next and throughout it all SIMPLE lower back pain is the most common thing we find. Not all back pain patients have only simple lower back pain, but when they don’t we tell them. We try not to do it the other way round…


Working together

We encourage, educate and empower you to get to grips with what is stopping you getting on with managing your back problem. About 80% of people will experience back pain at some stage through their life, often getting better after 4-6 weeks. The common trend is for patients to ignore the initial episodes making the chance of recurrence quite high and a small percentage of people develop chronic back problems.

To prevent this trend developing see an expert and specific rehabilitation prescribed by a physiotherapist decreases the chance of subsequent episodes and is the best way to address the majority of cases of ongoing or chronic back pain.

At BJA Physiotherapy we have an approach to treating back pain:

  • Manage the initial acute pain (excluding any serious medical conditions)
  • Start moving as soon as possible
  • Perform a specific and targeted exercise program
  • Maintain a healthy, fit and active lifestyle.


Understanding how to manage your back pain is important and we try to dispel common myths associated with back problems.

Back Pain and Sciatica Treatments