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Chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Chronic pain

Chronic pain can be described as pain that has been present for more than 12 weeks. In our experience at BJA it has a considerable impact on quality of life, resulting in significant suffering and disability. While in many cases it is accepted that a cure is unlikely, the impact on quality of life, mood and function can be significantly reduced by appropriate measures. Chronic pain not only has an impact on affected individuals and their families.


Expert patients still get problems

People living with chronic pain and long term conditions have to develop self-management techniques and become experts in their own right on their problem. At BJA we have a depth of knowledge from working with similar patients that may offer some new ideas or slight adjustments to aid your expert management to help improve your quality of life. We also stress that just because you may have a chronic condition, you can still get all the other problems we regularly see, and benefit from our help with – don’t ignore or put all your symptoms down to the same cause!

Chronic Pain Treatments