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Headaches and migraine treatments

Yes, but I just take tablets for that…

”I didn’t realise physios could help with headaches and migraines” is a far too often heard phrase, usually followed by “I just take tablets most days now…” The triggers for headaches and migraines may remain but through correct treatment to address the causes or symptoms, the impact on your quality of life can be reduced enormously, often removing the need for medication, limit days off work or having to avoid social or leisure activities.


Clusters and hangovers

People who experience the pain and disability caused by severe headaches and migraines will be familiar with clusters and hangovers. The severity, frequency and irritability when suffering headaches can escalate and if your pattern is that you are having consecutive days of symptoms that are lasting longer then you are having clusters. The hangover is the feeling that you are left with once your intense pain has subdued. If clusters and hangovers are becoming longer lasting, more intense and more frequent then get in touch and we can assess if physiotherapy can help reverse the trend.


Acupuncture and a physical assessment

Thorough physical assessment including joint range, muscular flexibility and core control, combined with postural examination can help identify factors that are affecting your symptoms. Spinal manipulation and soft tissue massage can be effective, and acupuncture either in combination with hands on treatment or even as a stand-alone we regularly use with very good effect.


Migraine with aura, or without aura? – That is the question…

Apologies for the Shakespeare but we will ask you that, along with other questions to try and establish the patterns of your headaches and migraines. Aura is an associated symptom usually neurological for example pins and needles, tingling or numbness. Whether you have aura or not we can help address any musculoskeletal factors preventing you from managing your problem.

Headaches and Migraine Treatments