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Neck pain and whiplash problems

Don’t put up with that pain in the neck!

At the other end of the spinal column from the equally common back pain, neck problems are regularly overdiagnosed as scary-sounding medical conditions – spondylosis, arthritis, whiplash to name a few. Many of the neck and upper back problems we see are postural related and we find that whilst exercise is hugely important,  having the correct assessment and advice for YOUR particular spinal issue is imperative to prevent joining the large number of people who just ‘put up with it’ as part of their daily life.


Neck pain – don’t let it frighten you, but don’t ignore it!

Symptoms of stiffness, muscular tightness and pain in the upper back and neck region are commonly ignored until they escalate to headaches, problems with concentration and sleep disturbance. If you are already past that stage and have now developed the excruciating trapped nerve pains down your arm, technically known as a radiculopathy, then get help as soon as possible to help limit the effect on your quality of life. An accurate assessment followed by the correct advice and education, manipulation, exercise, taping and acupuncture are all useful in stopping the literal pain in the neck!


Whiplash Associated Disorder

This is the technical diagnosis for those having physical symptoms following an injury involving sudden excess movement of the spine, usually the upper spine and neck regions, particularly in road traffic accidents. Prompt attention to assess and advise the correct treatment is essential to prevent longer term problems. We regularly work with insurance companies to help people get back to their pre injury level.

Neck Pain and Whiplash Treatments