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Rehabilitation following fractures, major surgery and joint replacements

Surgeons and other health care professionals

We are regularly liaising closely with surgeons and other health care professionals to help get you back to your best and maximising the benefit from any surgery that you’ve needed. You may have had a long-term problem that deteriorated resulting in elective surgery, or had the misfortune to have a sudden accident requiring an emergency operation. We are highly experienced in managing the rehabilitation for patients needing surgery, and that includes pre-operative care as well as post-operative.


Lessening the devastating effect

Lessening the devastating effect that a sudden fall, sports injury, personal injury or just pure bad luck that results in a broken bone is what we really get a feeling of job satisfaction from!


Having any surgery or serious injury can be a very worrying time

Having any surgery or serious injury can be a very worrying time, and having access to experienced professionals at the best time to benefit your recovery can help you manage the worry. We will liaise with any doctors or surgeons that you may have seen to ensure the exact rehabilitation for your problem is carried out and you can concentrate on getting back to your best.

Rehabilitation Treatments