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Soft tissue injuries – sprains, strains and muscle pulls


The relief of not having broken a bone after suffering a fall/trip/car accident/sports injury is soon replaced by the pain and disability from all the other tissues injured. Soft tissue injury can range from a mild sprain to full muscle rupture or joint dislocation. In the early stages an accurate assessment can often help prevent problems further along in time. Private practice gives us the job satisfaction of being able to assess these patients at the correct time and it is rewarding to provide simple effective expert treatment fast, helping limit the impact of such injuries.


How long is a piece of string?

A regular question is how long until I’m better? The answer can sometimes be a generalised estimate similar to how long that string is!  With our skills and knowledge of the human body, along with a thorough individual assessment we can give you the best indication of the length of recovery you may be facing. Early direct access to the right clinician with the benefit of self-referral to private physiotherapy means you can get peace of mind and lessen the impact of the injury on your life.

Soft Tissue Injury Treatments