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Sports injuries – for the fit and some not quite so fit

Treatments of massage, manipulation, exercise prescription, acupuncture, taping and electrotherapy are all used as appropriate for your problem.

Handy treatments

At BJA Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our ability to assess, diagnose and provide the correct treatment. We are highly skilled in providing manual therapy as part of your correct treatment, basically we are very hands-on.


Call it what you like

Sports Massage, Fascial Release, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Deep Tissue Work– does it really matter? We want you to feel better, by using effective treatments that get you back to your best. We regularly give exercise programmes and postural advice, all very effective, however we also find with hands-on treatments, being pushed, pulled, tweaked, mobilised, your homework has greater benefit.


A loosener, to feel less stressed, or just to be ready for action

A Sports Massage will help reduce aches and pains, whether caused by sport, injury, or the many stresses and strains of modern everyday life.

Sports Injury Treatments