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Women’s health

Our Women’s Health service has been designed and created to help women of all ages navigate the common problems that occur throughout their life. This could be pelvic health, menopause, pregnancy and post natal to mention a few.

Angela Thompson, our Women’s Health Specialist, is here to help you.


Pelvic Floor Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Our women’s health physiotherapy service supports women suffering from pelvic health dysfunction and musculoskeletal conditions relating to pelvic health.

This is for anyone experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms including: incontinence, bladder or bowel prolapse, overactive pelvic floor, painful sex and chronic pelvic pain. In addition to those struggling with pelvic conditions such as endometriosis.

The goal of women’s health physiotherapy is to address pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms, optimise bladder and bowel habits, create a pain management plan and help you to return to physical activity.


Womens Health Pregnancy


Pregnancy Women’s Health

BJA physiotherapy women’s health service is here to support women at all stages of their pregnancy with any musculoskeletal issues you may be experiencing in a comfortable environment.

Our service can help you by completing an initial assessment and forming a diagnosis of any pain or dysfunction you are experiencing. This could include back pain, carpal tunnel and pelvic girdle pain.

Our Physiotherapist can provide manual therapy, acupuncture and educate you on exercises to safely manage and correct the issues you are experiencing and ease the pain. You will also learn strategies to help manage your symptoms at home.


Post Natal Women’s Health Physiotherapy

BJA women’s health physiotherapy is here to support women in the post natal recovery for their pregnancy with any musculoskeletal issues you may be experiencing.  

Post Natal Physiotherapy is a specialised assessment for musculoskeletal issues relating to your recovery from pregnancy such as pelvic pain and diastaisi recti to help you get back to your lifestyle!

Treatments can involve acupuncture, pelvic floor exercises and progressive strengthening exercises for your core and general body, in addition to self-management advice and massage.

Womens Health Treatments