Unsure of what physiotherapy is? Or an experienced patient? Read on for further information and if you’ve any queries at all just get in touch for no obligation advice to answer any questions you have.

According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy encompasses any activity addressing human movement, performance, prevention of injury and restoration of function in the widest of health and wellbeing contexts, while using appropriate professional judgment and decision making skills.

Spinal problems

Spinal problems including sciatica, disc prolapses, back spasms, gardening and sporting injuries, and the dreaded ‘bad back’!! If not the lower back, then it may be your upper spine? Postural neck pain, whiplash related injuries, ‘cricked necks’, and the horrible trapped nerve with horrendous arm pains are what we think are the worst!

Sports injuries present to us all the time, from the fit, and ……not quite so fit! Sprains, tackles, falls, repetitive strains from excess activity, or just those niggles still hanging around from last season. A favourite of most of the clinicians is working on fitness programmes with those aiming to complete their next challenge – whether it be their 1st or 50th event, we can assess your baseline and plan your training alongside any treatment to ensure your body copes with the added stresses and demand.

Whilst the spinal and sporting problems are presented to us daily, we also treat a wide range of other complaints, that some will be surprised to know physiotherapy is key to helping you manage:


Headaches, commonly linked to postural and neck issues, if ignored can have a significant impact on work and leisure time, as can migraines, and yes, we treat those too!

Chronic pain

Chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, polymyalgia rheumatic and generalised osteoarthritis - These are not quickly resolved but the impact on your life can be dramatically changed by physiotherapy. Joint hypermobility, not easily recognised by some, but once it is understood can be identified as a major cause of previously baffling recurrent painful problems.

Pre- and post-operative management

We also excel in pre- and post-operative management, ensuring that you get the best possible advice, treatment and outcome from any surgery.

Through a thorough assessment, allowing you time to explain your current problem, then examining the areas that are affecting your recovery our experienced clinicians can then plan with you how we can get things better together. Your treatment starts at your first session and we will advise what needs to be done to get the best out of your physiotherapy.

Hands on, education and exercise

Treatments of massage, manipulation, exercise prescription, acupuncture, taping and electrotherapy are all used as appropriate for your problem. The main aim we have at BJA Physiotherapy is that we provide advice and education ensuring you can understand your specific problem. If you can understand the cause and necessary treatment required, you will make a longer lasting recovery and get back to your best sooner and more effectively!




Our Approach



One of our expert clinicians will spend time listening to your story and complete a detailed, thorough assessment of the problem area. After the assessment the clinician will discuss with you; your current pathology, the probable cause and your treatment options.


Our expert Physiotherapists have a wide range of treatment options that they will discuss with your. These include; manual therapy, deep tissue massage, Acupuncture, joint mobilisation and exercise therapy.


Our Physiotherapists will continue to work with your to achieve your goals and prevent reoccurance.


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