Party tricks, popping joints, double jointedness and bad habits!

Being the best at doing headstands in Yoga, able to do the crab in PE, or showing off with your party-trick of how your elbow can revolve 360 degrees, these may all be linked to hypermobility. If so, can lead to problems that can be helped and limited by accurate assessment and the correct specialist management. We can work with you to ensure that you control the movement you have and it doesn’t become a bad habit! We don’t tell you off, well not that much, but we help you understand why it is important to learn how to gain the control of your slightly bendy body.

Baffling joint pains

Baffling joint pains with no signs of injury, particularly in those who are younger, very active and pain relief appears ineffective? If this sounds familiar then don’t despair, contact us to see if this is something we can help with. It’s not unusual to find that your problems can be helped by physiotherapy assessment and treatment.





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